Rule file (very common 'complex' passwords)
I work in a corporate environment at a helpdesk; In my experience, when users are required to enter a password containing at least:
- A capital letter
- A number
- a special character

90% of them do it this way:

That means: they choose a name starting with capital letter, add a number and then put the exclamation mark. Attached is a rule file I generated to cover all the passwords of this format with numbers from 0 to 9999 with and without 'zero padding'. I'm new to hashcat and maybe there is a better way to do this (the file has many entries). But if it's deamed worthy maybe can be added to the hashcat release along with the other rules.

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Hey, is it really 90% the ! character? Thanks for the rule!
Well... I never measured the percentage Smile, but the "!" character for some reason is the first one that comes to mind to most people when asked to provide "a special character".
? too
hmm what about the others & / ...
In Czech republic, the @ is particulary popular
i modify 10 versions of the rule file , but ! works the best for me, thanks a lot for this cool innovation *G