Fan speed error on start
When starting on a hash it goes to generating bitmap tables than quickly goes to "error: ADL_OverDrive6_FanSpeed_Get() missing"
Does anybody have a solution or workaround?
What card(s) are you using and what is your driver version? Also, I am pretty sure this is just a warning so you could ignore it if you don't care about setting fan speed.
AMD Radeon HD 7310 w/ current drivers. It's not a warning, It stops and exits, also, --force doesn't stop it.
Radeon HD7310 is an APU and isn't an Overdrive6 GPU so looks like a bug maybe. however, that symbol should still exist in so it sounds like the driver may not be properly installed.
using catalyst 14.12 and not _14.9_ will cause this issue. im using a similair APU.