Catalyst v14.9 vs 14.12
i think im gonna downgrade... bad news from this hype omega super duper 14.12...
I will downgrade also Sad

Very sad for AMD ....
New major problem with catalyst 14.12 found. Hashes don't get cracked, even with correct password on R9 290x. At least I can reproduce it for R9 290x, maybe others are affected as well. See first post for details!
Very weird. So, should all users continue using the old 14.9?

Not sure if it's a 14.12 issue only but when I run a 'hybrid mask + dict' attack on my system oclHashcat searches for the mask and for the mask + dictionary. So for a sample attack ?d?d?d?d + dict, instead of getting just 0000password it would also be looking for 0000. There's no blanks in the dictionaries so I'm assuming just a glitch with hashcat or the drivers in case somebody wants to test on 14.9.