again AMD (290X/390x) vs NV GFX 970

as epixoip stated below - he thinks 970 should be preferred over 290x/390x.

ok so far ... but I would like to know "why"?

Is it true for a SINGLE card system, too? or only for multi-GPU (as 970 requires less power/cooling).

Maybe s.o. could post some benchmarks ...? (wpa2, des, md5, shaX would be nice).


And now to sth "completely different": I assume that "reference" design cards like ASUS TURBO-GTX970-OC-4GD5 (as far as I know it's not a 'real' reference design) make more noise than e.g. STRIX-GTX970-DC2OC-4GD5? (I plan to use the system for general purpose and not only for cracking)

Almost every question you asked covered in forums. Don't be lazy to write in search: GTX970. About noise, yes, reference usually louder than oem. Most silent designs I saw was from gigabyte (those cheap variants for mass users).

thanks. I did the search first - but only got some older benchmark for GTX970. (but not for 290/390X). Maybe I have to check the older posts, too. I think I remember some benchmark where the GTX970 was behind AMD ... but maybe that's not true anymore (newer drivers?). So main goal was to get a recent benchmark for both - just to compare some hashe types.
You can find bencmark for 970 and 290 here...

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GTX 970 is roughly the same speed as 290X while drawing half the power, and won't damage your motherboard like the 290X will. And also fuck AMD.