Incomplete hash -how to find out the password??

I want to ask you, is it possible to find correct password if I have only part of hash?

My problem looks like - > the password is number between 0 and 16^16. The hashing algorithm is sha512.

But I don't have hash. I have only 16 chars (and their position in hash)

The thing which interesting me, is possibility to set somehow *any* char in hashlist file (for e.g ??d?? means any hash will have on third position 'd'). I thought that is will be easy, but I didn't see this kind of feature.

I was trying to use ? in hashlist, and it *sometimes* is working. I think that comparing is done by some binary operation (I can't find this place in code, but I didn't spend enought time with source code ;/)

Did somebody try to done something like this? Any idea how I can do that? Smile

Also, if hashcat didn't have support for something like that, I can try to create patch, but I need some help where I should start looking (the hashcat.c has something like 20k in C ;D )
please post some examples
You want to find a password, but the the hash is incomplete. You have only some chars.
For example, you have missing 9 chars.
The solution can be:
e48e13207341b6bffb7fb1622282247b == md5("1337")

As you can see, there is 16^9 hashes which are correct. I'm looking for password which generate any of these hashes.

In a few words - I would like to be able to use primitive regex in the hashlist file.
There's no such option in hashcat to do that, but you can patch the kernel if you have some programming skills. There's a mode that does this partially, mode 5100, you can use it to get an idea of how to do it.