whats the highest or lowest % you got your wpa keys
For a 8 digiti lower case witout I and O its taking 7 days, now im on 2 days 13 hours 63% and nothing.
Im hoping anytime soon. Im using a gaming laptop with 173.4KH/s my gpu temp is 85 to 87, but im getting a coolmaster cooling pad.
hopefull it will bring it down to 79C
Just for fun add router type, key lengths, speed and alphanumeric with or without symbles upper and lower case or a simple word list would be cool.
Just intrested in the statistical probabablility of cracking wpa2 or is it sheer luck. I know you can guess and research to bring the probability down.
u are killing ur gpu ..
the minimum character for a wpa/wpa2 is 8, alot of time ppl are using 8 digit numbers or 9 or 10 i would try first atack these first then maybe some word list instead of runing a full atack on it.
it is a gtx980 gaming laptop noth the m version is 85 really too high whats the max temp for these gpu.
WPA key found 0.57% through same keyspace. Took less than 2 hours when full keyspace coverage would've taken 2 WEEKS.

wow thats fast wish mine would hurry up