New Algorithm (hash) template
I want implement some new algorithm to HashCat. I search here but don't found something useful.
Exist some empty template with comments where you just add some own algorithm? Or some links, useful info that can help?
There's currently no documentation about how to do that. With latest version from github, it should be sufficient to add the host code to interface.c and the kernel in OpenCL/

Note this is very beta stage. If you add a new mode, please report your experience with it.
Maybe some "hello world" example? Just some replacement for some existing hash-mode in "OpenCL\*.cl" to avoid recompiling hashcatXX.exe and then running with replaced hash-mode ID, just for playing and checking possibilities ... Or maybe adding "hello world" official hash-mode as demo for future developers as "quick starter", so we don't need use existing hash.
Or it's more complicated and changes in *.cl are not enough?
It's definitly more complicated Smile