- yet another combinator
Greetings - I posted this announcement on IRC earlier, so if you read that you can skip this post.

I've coded up yet another combinator for generating passwords.  Here is the announcement:

    This is the ANNOUNCE.txt file for - a password
    generator that uses known blocks, numbers, punctuation and
    leetspeak in any combination.

    Run perl -h  for short help and,
        perl -H  for longer help with examples.

    Requires GetOpt::Std

    Released under BSD 2-clause license.

    Available at:

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.
Jim B.
Announcing comboleetor_2.0 - updated password generator

New in 2.0:

 - Better leetspeak generation, including multiple alternates for
   popular charcters such as 'a' -> '4', '@', '/-\'

 - A complete set of punctuation including the space character

 - Option to output all hashes and their contents before combining

 - New syntax for the numbers.txt file to create lists and ranges
   with optional print specifications such as "%04.4d" for a
   four character zero filled decimal format.

 - Removed many conditions that generated duplicates.  Some
   duplicates will still be generated, though not as many.

 - Better help text with -h and -H options.

Available at

Jim B.

Help snippet - via    perl  -H - password generator combining
                 blocks, numbers, punctuation,
                 and 'leetspeak' substitutions. combines word blocks, numbers, and punctuation in any
order determined by an input specification.  The resulting output can be
further subjected to 'leetspeak' substitutions and serial capitalization.

The input specification allows for up to five characters of the following
set in any order:

   B  word blocks

   b  word blocks subjected to leet substitutions at output.

   N  Number elements

   P  Punctuation elements

The goal is to produce all possible combinations of these elements
in the order they are specified.  The specification of elements
comes from the user on stdin via terminal, pipe, file, etc.

For example:

     echo 'BNP'  | perl  > pwd.txt

outputs all combinations of words (in blocks.txt), numbers (in numbers.txt)
and punctuation (embedded in script)  in that order to the file pwd.txt

Jim B.