i was watching some videos about wifi cracking and found that it is possible to use rainbow lists to crack wifi.

i was wondering how long is the pmk key does anyone have a sample of what the key looks like because i think i can use crunch to generate a bruteforce list of the entire range of combinations of the pmk.
Rainbow tables are dead. Generating wordlists of brute forceable keyspaces is a stupid idea.
still what is the length of the pmk and what is a better method to hack then?
do you even support brute force attacks or do you know a better way?
Read the documentation.
if you dont want to tell me the length of the pmk then pass the question to sone one who does want to tell me.

i read the faq if that is what you mean but those methods only work if you know the length of the password and/or part of the passwords.

my situation is i dont know any of it all i know is the password minimum is 8 digits and maximum is 63 digits witch is dictated by the protocol standards.

so the question is back on the table.

if you are dancing around telling me the info because you are sore about me getting a quadro 600 instead of gtx960 or better ok i just ordered one and should be getting it soon
You seem to be severely confused, so let's set a few things straight:

1. This is an open forum, where anyone and everyone are free to respond. This isn't a ticketing system, this thread isn't "assigned" to me. There is nothing for me to pass on. If literally anyone else in the world is inclined to post on this thread, they will. But your questions are so naive that literally no one else is willing to even help you out a little bit.

2. I'm not dancing around, I'm trying to get you to do some research. You seem to be severely confused about what a PMK is, and how it is cracked. I'm not sore about anything other than your lack of desire to learn on your own. If you think I remember who you are from some previous conversation, or that I'm upset about your purchasing decisions, you're sorely mistaken.

Now then. The size of the PMK is 256 bits. But this is wholly irrelevant. The PMK is derived directly from the PSK, and that's what we attack. Those methods that you think only work if you know the length of the password? Those are the methods we use to crack WPA. Yes, we support brute forcing the PSK: "-m 2500 -a 3 some.hccapx''. But you're probably much better off with wordlists and rules. Again, read the damn documentation.
ok where can i get the documentation?

yes i knew about the "-m 2500 -a 3 some.hccapx'" string i googled hashcat wpa example to get the string where i found about the idea of using the pmk is from a middle eastern company their youtube videos

while isecur1ty's youtube channel did not have them another user going by the name che bob has them

videos 20 and 21 talk about involving pmks.

sorry if i confused you

and oh i got the gtx 960 ordered and it should ship out today