Need Help : Bruteforce NTLM + Challenge
Okay. We've got 4 'unofficial' requests here ( including me ). How many more do I need ?
There is no such limit. If I am in a good mood I will add it.

The more information you add the better. If you can easily explain how the hash is generated chances are high that I will try it (but dont just link some RFC or any source to other crackers).
Please implement this and NTLMv2

I think this section in Wikipedia is a good point to start
Hey atom,

This is the most straightforward description I've seen around:

in particular:

ntlmv2 would also be cool:
Hello divine hashcat and creators!

I also vote for implementing of such incredible algoryhtm.

Strange, that even today (as far as I know) only Cain can crack all these three types of hashes (NTLM+challenge, NTLM Session Security, NTLMv2), and his speed is not satisfactory of course, especially for NTLMv2.
Will it be appropriate if this thread be moved to the request's section ?
it would be more appropriate if we stopped reviving dead threads.