Upgrade graphic card on PC, what to buy ?
Yep, I was it righ when I say that I need to test it on some games.. And guess what ? Problem occurred.

I install and run GTA V and I have 3 types of errors, first after 20 seconds approximately when gameplay starts I get whole white screen and say GTA V is not responding :

[Image: VT810MX.jpg]

It happened several times, and I continue to start game, second error was is same form but not white screen, it took me to desktop and I can do nothing it freezes I just call tast manager and kill process GTA V. And third is the longest run to play the game was BSOD :

[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dHP9byXbmc]

So problem with fan is not problem that this is happening, since furmark run 10 min without problems, and I can't play a game for 1 min... And I know now what it means when seller told me that is crashes in games. I agreed with him that card stay at my place 2 days more that I can find what is problem. Temperatures are not problem in this case.

p.s. I try some FB games that request flash to work and no problem at all.
Sounds iffy. I would pass, even though the card is much cheaper.
(09-20-2017, 04:37 PM)tacohashcat Wrote: Sounds iffy. I would pass, even though the card is much cheaper.

I download one more game just to be sure, and it crashes again in that game 10 sec after start.

But I run a hashcat on some wpa2 hccapx file and results was great !

Run it with duration of 1 hour, max temp was 50 degrees all the time idle was 26 degrees ( it was a cold day ), so no problem at all, PC works slower which is normal and that is it, fan was on auto and it is on 33% all the time. It hit about 86500 combinations per second, and I run it with command ''C:\hashcat\hashcat-3.5.0\hashcat64.exe -m 2500 -w 3'' so I think that it can be even faster.

[Image: ePpAr5K.jpg]

So there is something about games that not work ok, don't know what, also seller reported that, I search try google and there are ton of problems this kind, maybe a flashing new bios on card will help about games, but I don't play games, it is important to work good in hashcat, and since I see it works well, I'm thinking about buying, I just need to find and replace a one fan that is damaged.
Let's face it, that GPU ist ruined for the seller. That you can use it for Hashcat is just a pretty nice coincident. But I would not pay more than 20€ for a card that is crashing under games and has a broken fan. But maybe that's just me.
Yes the fan is faultu, but even at that point it is cold like a ice, only 50 degrees on hashcat, if I buy it I will have intent to replace a problematic fan. Also it can be probably even colder a little, by replacing a thermal paste with some good like MX-4 and putting instead thermal pads on vram and vrm some copper shims.

Problem in games maybe can be solved it is obvious a problem with compatibility of something or drivers or whatever, maybe flashing a new bios on card can help... Since games that request flash works with no problems I think that this can be solved, and even it can not been solved I will be happy with running hashcat and for normal use which is OK.

I will contact the seller to settle around the price for the card, It's worth more than 20e in my opinion, since used cards are selling about 100e these characteristic.
Used cards are usually not broken. Who would buy a broken card that does not work under games? No one needs a GPU that's not working under games. Except of you Wink
Exactly Big Grin
I don't play games at all, I don't need it, and as long as it works well in hashcat I will not complain, I will stress it more tomorrow just to be sure. Contact the seller he told me that try one more day and if I want to buy it that we can agree about the price, and that price will not be high, which means under 50e.

In the meantime I will try to search fix for the games.
Since it does only crash in heavy games but not under hashcat I assume a defect memory. Cause hascat uses only little memory and games use all they can grab. Just my 2cts.

But that card is technically worthless. If you do not buy it it goes to the trash or the seller might fraud someone to buy a broken card. You're his only option to make any money out of it. And for you 50€ spent are 50€ into the garbage, because you too will not be able to sell it later. It's a 50€ loss. The same loss you have if you buy a GTX1050 for 120 and sell it for 70 in two years.
So 20€ is my advice, 25 max.
Are you sure about this ? My old 5870 has maximum temperature on vram sensor, running hashcat ? Vram was warmer that cpu and vrm, so if it uses only a little why so hot vram is ?

I underclock cards cpu and memory by 100 mhz ( suggestion from friend ), and GTA V run normally ! I play it 30 minutes without any problems ! I think this problem can be fixed.
Well, didn't you already fix it by underclocking? Wink

About memory and hashcat: that was about the amount and not the intensity.