correct command line
You do not need to repeately hit the r key. it makes absolutely no sense.

You only need to hit r (for resume) when you hit p (for pause) beforehand.

This means that resuming (r) only makes sense if your hashcat cracking job was paused (p).

Otherwise only hitting enter (or s for status) makes sense.

Why do you hit r ? You should not press r if you do not need to resume hashcat (only if it was paused it makes sense).
trying to crack this for several days now without succes, is my command ok?

hashcat64.exe -w 4 -m 13721 -p --veracrypt-pim=********-o -outfile=hits.txt MyEncryption.hc dict.txt

im defining -w 4 but the system is still respondible and usable. i believe something is not correct
bumping op this thread cause im still stuck
your -p parameter makes no sense. -p makes no sense in combination with veracrypt (and if you use it in other situations you would need to specify the character that must be used as a separator)

I'm also not sure what this means:

does this mean that your pim ends with "-o" ? that wouldn't make sense, it must be a number