Hashcat piping doesn't work (WPA/2)
I'm trying to pipe maskprocessor output to hashcat. In my case piping doesn't work properly. I have tested everything with only maskprocessor, separately from hashcat. Maskprocessor makes expected wordlist. I understand rule of -q and -r in maskprocessor. But piping doesn't work.
mp64 -q 3 -r 4 ?l?l?l?l?l?d?d?d | hashcat64 -m 2500 test.hccap
mp64 -q 3 -r 4 ?l?l?l?l?l?d?d?d -o wordlist.txt
Router password was "ddade123". That password exist in wordlist made by maskprocessor. Hashcat can't crack password with shown pipe between maskprocessor and hashcat. It makes exhausted status...

I'm very confused. Where is a problem? Wrong piping or somthing else?

Hashcat and maskprocessor run by CMD win 10 x64, hashcat( I've tried with a lot of versions), maskprocessor 0.73. Hashcat and maskprocessor extracted to same folder on C disk.
Are you able to crack the password using a different method than piping? mask attack, normal wordlist attack, …
Yes, I can crack the password using wordlist or mask attack. Pipe makes problem definitely. Often after a long time (10-15 hours) pipe cracking makes my desktop frozen and I need to restart PC. Something is wrong... I have tried to reduce process of cracking with this code but it doesn't work. After reducing process desktop never get frozen and doesn't crack password. This code should to crack password too.
mp64 -q 3 -r 4 "?l?l?l?l?l?123" | hashcat64 -m 2500 test.hccap
First of all, hccapx is the only hash format hashcat accepts since a long time for -m 2500 = WPA/WPA2 hashes. The hccap format is no more supported with latest versions of hashcat.

Your mask: "?l?l?l?l?l?123" (5 times lower case letters, one custom charset ?1 which was not defined, "2" and "3") is incorrect because ?1 (or --custom-charset1) was not defined. This mask does also not cover the password "ddade123" unless you define --custom-charset1 to use "1".

Maybe you want to use "?l?l?l?l?l123" instead (5 times lower case letter, "1", "2" and "3")
Thanks for all. There is no custom charset ?1. It should be 1 without ?. At that case I use hashcat 3.00 which use hccap format. I'm confused still. Problem is fixed I think Smile