Large wordlist editor windows
Hello all, Can some one advise me on a free large wordlist editor for over 10g. Have tried notepad++ too big?

Thanks and sorry if ii has been asked before. Can possibly use linux as well?

Cheers Kev
Learn some command-line-fu. (awk, sed, sort, grep...) Google will be your friend here.
No worries, this all can be done on Linux subsystem on Windows.
Maybe, exercise on small files. Why not use 'split' to create smaller files?
Good luck!
i not sure. but try this supporting for windows
be course whatever Linux programme crunch word list creat support for windows
If you want to stay on Windows, install a linux subsystem, you will have a linux shell into windows, so you'll be able to use sed/awk/grep etc.
I recommend that Install cygwin in windows system.
as a result, you will use almost of linux sw(vim, awk, sed, paste, cut, rev, tail...) in cygwin shell