hcdumptool + airodump-ng auto script
Hey, first post.

hcxdumptool is a great tool. I put together a quick script that would allow you to walk around or drive around(slowly) and collect packets, clean them up with hcxpcaptool all the while changing your mac address every 60 seconds and constantly collecting gps data through airodump-ng.

Is anyone else doing anything similar? Thoughts or suggestions?

I didn't post the actual script here, not sure if that's against the rules or not.

Let me know.
Why do you change the mac_address, every 60 seconds? There is no need to do this.
hcxdumptool use it's own random generated mac_address_space and will ignore your changes. You only waste CPU time.
hcxdumptool is fast, so no need to slow down speed of your car, but running together with airodump will slow it down to airodump level.
hcxdumptool need full and only access to the physical(!) interface. Do not run hcxdumptool on a virtual monitor interface, while the physical interface is still in managed mode!
From the --help:
do not use hcxdumptool in combination with other 3rd party tools
(this applies not user start/stop/analyze scipts - this applies aircrack-ng tools, bully, reaver and/or tools which takes direct access to the interface, like macchanger, NetworkManger or wpa_supplicant and hostapd)
hcxdumptool stores signal strength and timecode in pcapng file.
Just run GPS deamon and store GPS track continuously to a file (for example every second). Later on do a simple correlation between pcapng file content and GPS file content.

So, posting your scipt is a good idea to improve it. I'm shure, you'll get some help here.