Can not crack some example of hashes
some of example Hash-Mode could not be crack. like:
RAR5 --> 13000
Winzip --> 13600
i use hashcat version 4.1
my device is AMD Radeon 6970
hash is example of hashcat in
driver is catalyst-15.7 and windows 10, 64 bit

but i crack this with NVIDIA 1080 ti 
why radeon 6970 can not crack?
Do you get any errors or warnings? What final feedback do you get from hashcat?

.png   Untitled1.png (Size: 28.77 KB / Downloads: 14)
.png   Untitled.png (Size: 22.13 KB / Downloads: 14)

thank you for your attention ...

hashcat finish  in exhausted status.
for example of luks mode above is shown.

i test "non-whql-64bit-nieg-radeon-crimson-16.2.1-win10" driver but crack does not happen