Little Help to young Hackerman
Good evening dear members! 

Im trying to crack a wpa2 and i already have read about masks .

Lets suppose that wpa2 password contains 15 digits (i totally dont know what type of characters wpa2 composed of)

What mask do you reccomend me to use since all available dictionaries i used has failed?

Is there any common unfailable method already used? 

Thanks a lot for your time in advice!

Your question is broad. If the WPA key consists of 15 chars, it may be the default router password. Usually they are alphanumeric, or ^[a-z0-9]$. In such cases the best approach is a custom mask with -1 ?l?u?d for alphanum or -1 ?l?d for the second format. However attacking 15 chars in such format is not feasible. Best thing is to find the keygen of such routers if they are public on the internet.

If the previous statement is not applicable to you (your 15' are home-made) you can try using large dictionnaries such as weakpass :
Thanks a lot for your exhaustive response . But there is one thing i really dont get . If the majority of people (me in this case) keep their home passwords default , how can we even crack 15 digit password ?
I asked a similar question couple of times ago :
Thats a really sad that such a great community and soft has no discord like channel where people can really teach something from each other .
There is a IRC channel. Kids these days… Tongue
(09-28-2018, 10:21 AM)undeath Wrote: There is a IRC channel. Kids these days… Tongue

+1 Big Grin
Is the info still up to date ? Channel #hashcat ?