High Quality Logo
Are there high-quality versions (aka native hi-res images) of the hashcat logos available someplace?

Specifically, looking for high-quality versions of:
  • the cat in the round-cornered square (example)
  • the hashcat name logo with the cat in the A (example)
For reference, the reason i'm looking for these is because i'm hoping to make a shirt that looks roughly like the attached mock-up. To be clear, this is just meant to be a shirt for me, I am not / have no interest in selling anything.

BTW, if there are official existing hashcat shirts out there someplace, i'd be happy to go that route, especially if it gives money to the project, but i just haven't seen anything like that.

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.jpg   hashcat-shirt-front.jpg (Size: 14.17 KB / Downloads: 23)
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As it's not very detailed logo, maybe try converting bitmap to curves in Corel or other software. That way you have unlimited resolution.
I had been considering trying to make an SVG. I found a few online, but they were kind of a mess in some places. I ended grabbing one of them and then spending a questionably large amount of time cleaning it up.

.zip   hashcat.svg.zip (Size: 896 bytes / Downloads: 10)

While I just created the black cat in front of the white A, the cat is it's own object, and could easily be used for other purposes.

I hope other people get some use out of it.