./OpenCl/ No such file or directory
Hi I'm a bit stuck as every time I go to run hashcat I get this OpenCl no such file or directory error.

I have an i7 CPU and downloaded the Intel com runtime for OpenCl applications v18.1 and I also have a GTX 1050 graphics card with the latest drivers.

Any help would be massively appreciated because I can't seem to figure it out Smile
did you extract all the files from the archive?
I extracted everything from the version 5.1.0 7z file. I just downloaded version 5.0.0 and extracted that, there was an OpenCL folder in the version 5 folder.

I ran version 5 and it came up with Intel's OpenCl runtime is currently broken. For some reason version 5 didn't detect my Nvidia GPU
Just checked, 5.1.0 does have that folder, too. If your GPU is not detected something with your driver is wrong.
Oh yeah I must have missed something when I extracted, redownloaded and extracted and the files were there.

Doing a clean install of my graphics drivers and will report back then. If I use the Intel GPU it says it will take a day!

Just finished my clean install of gpu driver and it's working well. Thank you for your help