Newbie Fury

I have four computers that I use regularly - an i5 iMac, an i7 Windows box, an i7 laptop and an i5 machine running Linux Mint.  None of them will run the current version of Hashcat because (I think) the GPUs are not up to snuff.  I get OpenCL errors on them all.  I am currently looking for a later model GeForce card to stick into the Windows box.

In the interim, I would like to confirm that the hashes that I am producing are correct and I would like to run one against a simple dictionary file (containing the password) . If Hashcat correctly cracks it, I will know that my hashes are right.

To get around the problem of no working version of Hashcat, and bearing in mind that the computational task is not going to be very onerous, I thought that I would see if I could find a CPU-only version of Hashcat.  A short search lead me to which purports to be a CPU-only version however, following the instructions in the documentation gives me not version 1 or 2 as I am expecting, but bloody version 5.1 again.

Is there any kindly expert out there who could lead a baffled novice through the process needed to get the CPU-only legacy version up and running so that I can carry out my simple tests on any of the above machines?

Any assistance would be very much appreciated.
You can run hashcat with cpu-only. All you need to do is install the intel opencl runtime.
Thanks undeath. I installed the Intel OpenCL runtime on my i7 Windows box and I now get an error message telling me "Device #1: This device's local mem size is too small".

I may try one of the Linux boxes after I have stopped crying or I may try to forget that I ever heard of Hashcat and devote the rest of my life to yoga and meditation.
This is a good hint. Since CPU do not have a real shared memory anyway we should remove this error detection for them. I'll update the code.

New beta is available, too: