Parsing and counting salts in hashlists
Hey guys, 

I wanted to ask you, is there relatively easy way how to get (parse) salt from hashes? I want to do analysis of some hashlists and maybe grouping hashes by salts and such things. I know there are different types of salt and that some are really easy extract (SALT_TYPE_GENERIC) by splitting hash and salt using the separator (commonly ":"). But how about EMBEDDED and VIRTUAL salt types? Would I gennerally need exclusive parsers for each such hashmode? 

Any help or info is highly appretiated. Thanks.

PS.: I've checked the HC code but I didn't figure it out yet, so after some time trying to understand the code I'm rather asking here since it might be more productive and faster.
There is no generic way of doing it. Various formats have their own representation and encoding. See for some examples.
Thanks for reply undeath.

I was afraid of that, but I've rather asked just case there would be some "hack" I do not see. So if I overestimate it a bit, I would need parsing for each salted hashtype.