Pantagrule, a really large last-resort ruleset
i made this a while back but thought i should post it here as a "user contribution", even though the end result was mediocre.

when studying iphelix's PACK, i wanted to see if using newer, larger data sources provided better rules than NSAKEY's old set did. i decided to try to make a ruleset that was generated from breaches using PACK's LRP algorithm, which led to this very very large ruleset. while it's huge and thus not great on slow hashes, it has proven itself on some pentests to yield some extra cracks.

The conclusion:

Quote:This work confirms the limitations of the PACK LRP algorithm originally witnessed by _NSAKEY on modern data sets when using the rockyou dictionary. While the LRP algorithm does generate rules that increase cracking percentage, it does so at a large increase in keyspace. For this reason, Pantagrule is most useful in cases where difficult cracking requires exotic rules.

In this purpose, Pantagrule is successful. Pantagrule's massive rule list was originally made and honed in an attempt to break more of the long tail from the Pwned Passwords list than was being seen with existing rules. The
pantagrule.1m list cracked 8% of the remaining HIBP hashes that had stood up to the dictionary used to generate Pantagrule, the above common rule sets, a 7-character alphanumeric brute force, and KoreLogic's PathWell topologies.
Cool, thanks for your contribution. I added it to my rules/ folder. Always nice to have different rulesets based on real world data.
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Nice, thank you! It's certainly getting a lot out of the HIBP dataset I'm playing with. 

(terrible pun though Smile )