Veracrypt with multiple keyfiles
Is it possible to have HC run multiple keyfiles? If yes how? and also will it run with all the listed keyfiles or will it run trying every combination of the keyfiles? Same for the PIM e.g. I am not sure which one I used but know it is one of 4.

Forgot how I setup my crypt and have various ways I could have made the password which I can make a password list file. I just don't remember which combo of keyfiles I used or which PIM.

hashcat --help
--veracrypt-keyfiles       | File | Keyfiles to use, separated with commas
--veracrypt-pim-start      | Num  | VeraCrypt personal iterations multiplier start
--veracrypt-pim-stop       | Num  | VeraCrypt personal iterations multiplier stop

It should be self-explanatory: keyfiles separated by commas "," and --veracrypt-pim-start x --veracrypt-pim-stop y
where x is minimum and y is maximum

you might need to use the beta from to use all of the newer/updated features
Will it run every keyfile added or will it try all the different combinations of them?