Temperature monitoring on macOS
In the hashcat FAQ it says automatically stopping in case of an overheat is a bad idea and is therefore unsupported. I was under the impression that this was what the "temperature abort trigger" was all about, but I'm on a MacBook, so it was kind of irrelevant to me anyway. (I'm aware of the issues with shared heatsinks on laptops, but this is what I'm stuck with for now... I run reduced workload and keep an eye on the temp)

So I was wondering:
1) If someone could clarify why this is a bad idea and what the distinction is between the unsupported bad idea and whatever the temperature abort trigger is really doing
2) If it would be a welcome and not stupid contribution for me to add temperature monitoring for macOS to hashcat for the benefit of others in my situation

Thanks for your time and for maintaining a wonderful project!
I think for point 1) it's just a misunderstanding. We got a lot of user requests back then when we wrote this FAQ section that hashcat should just wait a little bit ("pause") and continue after the temperature went down again. This makes and made no sense to the devs: you should fix the root of the problem and not try to find some strange workaround where the temperature hits the threshold every x second and hashcat pauses again and again and again... this is just an awful experience when hashcat pauses all the time. So the misunderstanding is "pause" vs "exit"/"quit"/"stop". Currently it does stop / exit completely in case of a too high temperature to protect the safety of the hardware etc.

2. There is already some suggestion for a hardware monitoring on macOS, see for instance this: https://github.com/hashcat/hashcat/pull/2085 . Unfortunately it's quite old / unmaintained code and it didn't seem to work for everybody or at least back then we couldn't test and make sure it's working correctly (macOS testers are actually needed quite heavily also with other - github - changes and issues, it often feels that devs have nobody that could check the latest changes or features with macOS hardware... even though we are quite certain from hashcat forum posts etc that we have quite a lot of macOS users Sad but I guess it's also for other reasons, like the changes and bad OpenCL support/treatment on macOS: https://preta3d.com/os-x-users-unite/ etc).