Keyspace List for WPA on Default Routers
Initial tests are interesting.  Between a combination of some pictures I had archived of NVG589's and some listings that can be seen on ebay, I tested a total of 7 devices.

In every case, I could see what the default wifi password was in a picture of the back of the unit.

Of the 7 I tested the results were the following:

4 - password correctly calculated
2 - password almost correctly calculated
1 - not even close

Regarding the 2 that were almost correctly calculated, the passphrase with the exception of the last 2 characters were guessed correctly, but the last 2 characters were wrong.  A workaround is to come up with a rule that can truncate the last 2 characters and brute force positions 11 and 12.  Either that or adjust the code as necessary.

But this is remarkable.  Good work.


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