Keyspace List for WPA on Default Routers
I checked in my DB and don't have any of those cracked. Pasting ATT* founds, that look like generated, for reference and may help:
20E564ABB120 ATT216 0857472378
383BC86FC306 ATT133 8869533409
383BC87B176A ATT634 9633150011
386BBB6504A0 ATT840 3974983610
506A038E6BEC ATT-WIFI-4879 94687927
60FE205222FE ATT614 45654564
60FE20AF7922 ATT161 3890319323
6CCA084614F0 ATT208 7165462839
789684B7D940 ATT736 6783810912
8C7F3B59E9C0 ATT520 0520101948
8C7F3B9C6DB0 ATT672 1008805232
94C1500B9032 ATT403 4421306310
94CCB9B444F0 ATT320 4069447738
AC5D10A27AE6 ATT829 3414414482
D437D7848B7D ATT-WIFI-1854-GUEST 96962708

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