Keyspace List for WPA on Default Routers
...and if you don't have the default ESSID (with the 4 xdigits, required by the WIFI keygen),
$ hcxpsktool --digit10
will calculate the whole key space , based on wpa-sec analyses (known SEEDs):

$ hcxpsktool --digit10 | wc
no hashes loaded
7077888 7077888 77856768

Please notice:
The SEED not identical to the 4 xdigits within the ESSID.

If you need to calculate the SEED:

.zip (Size: 806 bytes / Downloads: 6)

$ gcc -o calcseed calcseed.c -l crypto
$ ./calcseed xxxx dddddddd

ssss xxxx dddddddddd

ssss = calculated SEED
xxxx = 4 digit of the ESSID
ddddddddddd = valid PSK

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