Keyspace List for WPA on Default Routers
why don't you just simple use the .exe file within that repo (yeah, I agree it's very bad to put executable files into source code repositories, but maybe this is a proof that users really have a hard time to compile simple files and even fail to see the .exe files).

The la.exe is listed there:

The direct link is:

I have no clue what this program does and why you would need this. I think this is getting really off-topic and you should ask questions like this for a 3rd party tool on the pages where you find these tools. This has nothing to do with hashcat.

Normally you would just use "Visual Studio" and the Console Application options to compile .c or .cpp source code on windows. This is for sure not that easy if you have no clue how to create a project in visual studio and how to configure this project... but there are thousands of tutorials/guides/resources out there that explain how to compile some easy console applications on windows with visual studio or similar software.

Any reason why you do not use la.exe from the repository directly ?

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