Keyspace List for WPA on Default Routers
Thanks for your detailed explanation. I can confirm that on Linux, too if:
w5 is a txt file where 0x0a is replaced by 0x0d

$ hashcat -a 1 -m 22000 zn.22000 -S w5 dg4w6
hashcat (v6.2.1-171-g3ee77aa58) starting...

Dictionary cache built:
* Filename..: w5
* Passwords.: 1
* Bytes.....: 421
* Keyspace..: 0
* Runtime...: 0 secs

w5: empty file.

Started: Sun Jun 13 23:31:25 2021
Stopped: Sun Jun 13 23:31:26 2021

Using a single 0x0d to terminate a line is a very old standard used by ancient systems, e.g.:
Commodore 8-bit machines (C64, C128), Acorn BBC, ZX Spectrum, TRS-80, Apple II series, Oberon, the classic Mac OS, MIT Lisp Machine and OS-9
None of my Linux tools (e.g. Geany) is doing this (except I replace 0x0a by 0x0d using GHEX, awk, sed, ...).

A good explanation of the standard/behavior is here:
and, of course, here:

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