8 x AMD HD7970 @ 1050MHz
Forgot to add that you will need to come back to 0.12 version of hashcat too. But if you working on something specific then speed is what is looking for. Cause 0.13 didn't bring much changes.

That was with Catalyst 12.8. I updated to lite 0.14, plus 0.13 and Catalyst 13.1 today just after that last operation, and I was getting results that were ever so slightly slower. Like around 77800 M/s.

We mainly do NTLM cracking, so I'll check out those results to see if there has been a slowdown.
there's no need to use such a long, complicated command when benchmarking lite, because lite has a benchmark mode... -b --benchmark-mode 1
(10-10-2012, 02:31 AM)login Wrote: Server: FT72-B7015
Motherboard: TYAN S7015
BIOS: V1.04.B10
CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5690 @ 3.47GHz
GPU: 8 x Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition (XFX Double D, Model #FX797GTDFC)
Operating System: Gentoo Linux, Kernel 2.6.36-gentoo-r8
Driver: AMD APP SDK 2.7
Power Supplies: Stock, PSUs were included with the server.

I am curious, how are you keeping the 8x XFX Double Ds cool in that chassis? I tried to run two Double Ds side by side in an environmentally controlled server room at 68F and the first card got hot. I ended up having to put a space in between the cards to get them to run cool.
the tyan chassis has three 180mm server fans that push a biblical amount of air.
Interesting, by the looks of the design the case is made to force air through the gpus as there isn't a whole lot of other exhaust ports. My case has 3 - 180mm fans, they push a ton of air through, but I am thinking it is all going out the other exhaust ports instead of forcing it between the cards.
take the heatsinks & fans off the gpus.
How does that work? Doesn't the gpu just heat up right away? Kinda like running a cpu without some kind of cooler?
Or are you talking about water cooling?
epixoip meant to take off fans and covers from gpu, to leave only heatsink on chip. Fans on your case should be enough to blow hot air from heatsink it it's something similar like tyan chassis.