How to apply rules to combinator attack?
(10-21-2012, 10:35 PM)M@LIK Wrote: If you want to make "Sup3rThinkers" out of "sup3r" in dict1 and "thinkers" in dict2, you would run:
-plus ... -a1 -j u -k u ... dict1 dict2

rules do not work with combinator attack in plus. it will not give you an error if you try, in fact it will even tell you it's using rules, but it lies.

if you want to do combinator + rules with plus, you have to combinator.bin from hashcat-tools with stdin mode.

edit: never mind, i'm full of shit. only -r doesn't work in -a 1, -j|-k do work.
@epixoip:: Single rules (-j, -k) do work with -a1.
so they do. i thought it was supposed to work, but didn't. i tested earlier before i posted, just in case it did work now, but it looks like i had made an error in my test. however, i think i found a bug in the rules engine based on the error i made, because it should have worked regardless.

edit: nope, never mind. it was my fault. carry on.