I was used HD7970 it was calculating fine 131K c/s till i used catalyst GPU overclock, my stock speed was 925Mhz, i tried to overclock to 1050Mhz, it was calculating on 149K c/s, i was run around 2 min, after that i putted my settings for default and he start run on 94 000 c/s. Games and other things works fine, but GPU doesn't calculating on 131K c/s anymore, even if i do overclock to 1125Mhz, max speed is 111K c/s. Do i must to send card back for warranty?
... is this a real question?
What you mean real question? Yes it for real.
And i don't know what to do, because card is working, but calculating 20% slower than usual. I tried to reinstall windows, tried on oclhashcatplus64 0.12 with catalyst 12.8, also 0.13 and catalyst 13.1 it's the same.....
there are lots of factors that influence speed. freaking out over a 20K variance is unwarranted.
So you think if i will send them card back after test they will not see that my card works slower?
there is nothing wrong with your card.
So why then card was calculating 131K c/s 2 weeks, but after my catalyst overclocking she start calculate max on 95 000 c/s?
Maybe put your finger into the fan while it's spinning. Will remove dust and stuff. And is 1125MHz really everything you can do to that card?