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Hashtopus - distributed solution
I sent you a PM with the version with more extensive debug output, could you please try it and post the output here?
ok, I have another question:

I created task on server background (create new task) with these parameters:

-a 3 -i #HL# ?a?a?a?a?a?

Then I assigned this task and my client start runnig. After a while it stopted with:
[95/95] Uploading 0 b...Cracked 0
[95/95] Uploading 0 b...Cracked 0
[857375/857375] Uploading 0 b.Hashcat subprocess finished at 12:51:39 (4s)
Waiting for unfinished HTTP connections.....Cracked 0

Why it can't do increment bruteforce? With command line hashcat ->
cudaHashcat64.bin -a 3 -i ../md5test.txt ?a?a?a?a?a?a

it will runs very well.
You can't use -i. It's because hashcat takes -i as multiple different tasks. So when using --keyspace, it will actually take the first task (e.g. just one character). I suggest creating task for each mask. You can create them as pre-configured and then simply use them all at once everytime you need.
ok, I understand. for example: when I create some file with masks:
.... and so on...

then can be able to write task -> -a 3 #HL# somefile_masks.txt
and then it will work???

I'll try it.
I am not sure but I dont think so. It's the same. You should create individual tasks, each with one mask.
I'm just getting this error:

ERROR: 3: No such file or directory
Hashcat (keyspace) exited with return code -1

It seems like the separator symbol is being changed somehow before the file is sent to the agent. File opened in Notepad++ on screenshot, original file showed it correctly before upload.
[picture removed]
That's correct. Hashtopus uses \x01 as separator to avoid ambiguous situations. Hashcat is instructed with --separator to use this value as well, so that's not the problem. Post your task command line.
Oh, it was just a silly mistake. When I copied the command to make the task the "-" at the beginning was missing
cool Smile glad to hear its working.
Any chance you can put this up on github or something similar? There are quite a few bugs that need to be pointed out, but this is not the proper place to do it.