Bug in oclHashcat64.exe
Good morning,

Here is my current setup :

i7 4790k
32gb or ram
1 x 295x2 GPU
Windows 10
Latest non-beta catalyst driver

with the version of oclhashcat 1.37, the 64 bit keeps crashing whether I use powershell or CMD. (Both with full admin privileges).
Am I the only one? and does the performance makes a difference whether the 32bit binary is used compared to the 64bit?
Btw, I am only using it under benchmark roles with -b option.

Thank you

the 32bit gives me this error:
ERROR: clEnqueueNDRangeKernel() -4
A whole bunch of people are going to jump on here and tell you how terrible the 295X2 is for cracking but for a start, please advise what PSU you're using. Those GPUs are hungry beasts.
I know how terrible they are Smile, but its better than having nothing at all. They do have some descent hashing rates, even when throttled. The PSU is 850 watts gold
Dude, that's barely enough power to run one 295X2! The TDP is around 450-500W and your PSU isn't 100% efficient either.
My mistake, I only am running 1 of them
yashar26: You're going to start a fire with that configuration. Why are you coupling a $1000 GPU with a $100 PSU? The 295X2 pulls upwards of 550-575W under compute workloads (though Powertune will do everything it can to try to keep it under 500W.) Even though it's an 850W PSU, it likely doesn't have enough amperage available on the 12V rail to actually supply that much power to the GPU, resulting in system instability.

rico: power supply ratings are for the output side, not the input side. Efficiency is measured by how much input power is required to produce the desired output. A PSU rated at 850W can push 850W; but if it's only 85% efficient, it's going to pull 1000W from the wall to produce those 850W.
(08-27-2015, 01:15 PM)epixoip Wrote: rico: power supply ratings are for the output side, not the input side.

TIL. Thanks, epixoip.
OK, epixoip, what would you recommend? are those error associated with that?
https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Akas...ower_850W/ that is my PSU

Still no answers from users to see if they get the same errors as me? or what can be done to fix those errors?
Ok, so in this case your 850W PSU *can't* push 850W, because this isn't actually an 850W PSU. The manufacturer is lying, basically.

Your PSU has a single 12V 70A rail which is only 840W, and you should keep the load on that circuit <= 80% for safety (note that this is not the same as efficiency as described above, this is about the size of the circuit itself), so you can realistically only draw 672A from your PSU. Your GPU is drawing 550-575W, leaving only 97-122W available for the rest of the system.

It's highly likely the crash you are experiencing is due to system instability caused by rapid voltage drops on other components (CPU, RAM, etc.) Get a real PSU and see if that doesn't fix your issue.