hashcat v3 macOS
the readme say that hashcat 3.0 works under Mac OS X, but i'm unable to get it working. Can you help me?

Yes, ok... but how? Can you be more clear, please?
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You did not provide much to go on, Cluster. All we know is that you have Mac OS X, hashcat v3.00 and that it does not work. Could you tell us a bit more about what you are trying and what happens when you do?
I guess he has the same problem like me. There's just no "hashcat.app"-file in the hashcat 3.0 binary-7z-archive, like it was for hashcat 2.01. There are only "hashcat32/64.bin"-files and "hashcat32/64.exe"-files. Any ideas where to find the OS X-app?
(07-06-2016, 08:29 AM)rico Wrote: https://hashcat.net/beta/

also only bin- and exe-files :-(
I don't have an OSX compiler. OSX user please compile from sources.
thanks for this info. At least i'm not blind and missed the file :-)

Sadly i have no idea how to compile something. A quick search delivered some 'how to compile' for some apps, but it looks there is always something special to configure. So does anybody know where to find a good 'how to compile under OS X' manual that works for hashcat?