Poll: Rule or BF?
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Do it! Rules need to be faster
16 84.21%
Don't! Everything should stay as-is
3 15.79%
Total 19 vote(s) 100%
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I can increase rule-based attack speed but for the price of a decreased brute-force attack speed.

I can not guarantee the numbers, but after the change all modes will have the same speed.

The speed will be slower to what combinator-mode is doing right now and depend on the hash-mode.

For NTLM, only half the speed of combinator attack
For SHA256, almost the same speed of combinator attack

Note: This is for fast hashes (NTLM, MD5, VB, etc) only. Slow hashes speeds don't change.
I'm in favor of the trade off.
Faster rules all day.
Yeah! New algo!

No, wait. Wrong thread.

Yes, do it atom :-)
For those haven't seen it: There's a voting system on top of this thread
I'm in favour but, its a shame brute-force it taking a hit. I presume the classes / interfaces are linked in hashcat which is why this is causing this to happen?

Back in the old days, hashcat was split into 2 apps. Because of this, this issue would never occur.

Surely hashcat can accommodate this without a sacrifice? Is it not the crackers way for speed! Smile I do realise it would be a lot of work but worth it and we would have the best of both worlds.
Why brute-force attack speed will decrease after changes?
Brute force is for noobs.
OK, poll is closed now. Bad thing is that I've found in the meanwhile that the idea didn't work out, so everything will stay as-is Smile