Differences in keyspace
Hi, I have been trying to compute keyspace with hashcat 3.6.0 and keyspace program from hashcat-utils and it gave me different results:

hashcat64.exe -m 13600 ?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?d?d --keyspace -a 3


keyspace.exe -m 13600 ?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?d?d


It was run on Windows 10, from the same directory. Latest hashcat-utils (v1.8) and hashcat 3.6.0 were used.

Can anyone tell me, why the results are different?
Looking forward to your replies!
Please, any insights on this issue???

Am I doing something wrong or is this a nasty bug inside hashcat-utils keyspace program?
Hello royce, thank you for the link to FAQ.

However, I know the differences between real keyspace and "hashcat" keyspace and that it is very implementation-specific. Anyway, I thought the "keyspace" program from hashcat-utils can mimic this hashcat's behaviour. What is it's purpose, when it gives different keyspace values?

My problem is, I would like to compute hashcat-keyspace of certain attacks without need of OpenCL libraries/GPU devices present on the machine. hashcat cannot do that and throws OCL error even when run with just --keyspace parametr. Standalone keyspace program would solve this issue. However, it does not work.
hashcat-utils is a bit out of date versus the new 4.x framework. The purpose you described is exactly why it was created, but it isn't maintained as frequently.
Ah, I didn't properly read the original question.

Larrax, this looks like it should be opened as a GitHub issue against hashcat-utils; could you do the honors?

Thanks for the replies, that's what I was thinking. We will have to stick with original hashcat tool then.

@epixoip As I mentioned in my first post, I used even older than 4.x version - 3.6.0, which was released one month after hashcat-utils v1.8, so I expect utils to be compatible with 3.5.0 or older.

@royce I will report it, but as stated by epixoip, hashcat-utils are just not updated as much as hashcat. Even when a new version of hashcat-utils is released, v3.6.0, which we are currently using, still won't be compatible with it, as there seems to be no evident connection between hashcat and hashcat-utils versions.