sense word mask attack (hashcat WPA/2)
I've tried a lot of masks for bruteforce attacks. My graphic card gets about 95K H/s for WPA/WPA2. I'm not satisfied with -a 3 legacy results. We can guess password as sense word of some language. For some languages there are 2-3 repeating same letter. Sense word hasn't more than 3 same letters. I'm trying to making sense word with letters repeating. How to apply hashcat mask with determined number of letters repeating? Does exist that option? It will speed up whole procces.
hashcat doesn't support that but I think maskprocessor has an option.
Will I need to make wordlist with maskprocessor? Then after use hashcat with that wordlist? Does exist any other way without make wordlist? There is a problem with wordlists because they use a lot of disk space.
you can pipe the maskprocessor output to hashcat. no need to save anything to disk.
Thanks, I don't know for piping. How to pipe maskprocessor output to hashcat? I found out nothing about this...
mp64 [options] | hashcat -a0 [options]