Combinator - how to save combined files.

im getting some troubles with saving output after combining 2 word list using Combinator from hashcat utils.

I cant remember how I did before (like a year ago), could you guys help me? I just want to save output to file.

I assume that you know that you could just regenerate them when you need them, and save the disk space. Smile

But saving general command output to a file is an OS/commandline thing - just basic redirection.

$ cat - >test1.txt
$ cat - >test2.txt
$ combinator test1.txt test2.txt >output.txt
$ cat output.txt
Hey Royce,

thank you for your reply. As I said before I havent been using Hashcat for a while and I forgot everything related to it. 

Im using Windows CMD, got Hashcat 4.0.1 downloaded same as Hashcat utils. Could you please explain exactly what should I do to combine two words list and save them to txt file? 

I have been trying for half of the day and currently my head is about to explode...
royce posted the exact commands