How to save progress with PRINCE ?
Hello all,

In the man page of PRINCE we can read :
             Save the position for later resume with -s

I don't understand how this works. Trying to resume a job with "./pp64 -s < dict.txt | hashcat [same parameters] " doesn't work.

What is the proper format ?
Is that also ok to terminate the job abrutly with any command for later resume ? (e.g. control+C)
Also, why "pos-disable" and not "pos-enable" ?
you should have a file called automatically saved into the current directory (if you didn't provide --save-pos-disable).
just copy the number within that file to the -s parameter

therefore if the number in the file is 54321, then you restore the session by running:
pp64 -s 54321 dict.txt
Great works perfectly, thanks philsmd
Check this thread as well - in Royce's response, it shows how to script this such that you don't need to know the -s value before running from the CLI:
Oh Nice, I didn't think we could 'cat' it directly. Thanks for the info !