I'm overlooking something when implementing new algorithm: please help

I'd like to implement a DES-based algorithm. After figuring out how coding for oclHashcat works, everything went just fine. Implementation of step one, DES, works. What I did:

- Implement a new DES-based hash type.
- Use a fixed DES key: 0xAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA;
- Encrypt an ASCII value (e.g. 12345678 = 3132333435363738) with this key and IV 0 = 0xF3C3F7A3B59D884B;
- Build oclHashcat, crack the hash: success:

john@dev:/opt/oclHashcat$ ./hashcat -m663 -a3 F3C3F7A3B59D884B ?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d
hashcat (v3.00-beta-201-ge3c499c+) starting...

Session.Name...: hashcat
Status.........: Cracked
Input.Mode.....: Mask (?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d) [8]
Hash.Target....: F3C3F7A3B59D884B
Hash.Type......: TEST_DES
Time.Started...: Tue Jul 12 00:27:58 2016 (2 secs)
Speed.Dev.#1...: 10855.1 kH/s (11.56ms)
Recovered......: 1/1 (100.00%) Digests, 1/1 (100.00%) Salts
Progress.......: 14080000/100000000 (14.08%)
Rejected.......: 0/14080000 (0.00%)
Restore.Point..: 13952/100000 (13.95%)

Started: Tue Jul 12 00:27:58 2016
Stopped: Tue Jul 12 00:28:02 2016

So that all looks good. However, if I change my hard coded key to e.g. 0xAAAAAAAAAAAAAABC, calculate the corresponding target hash (0xC4935F6FA17C7C8D), rebuild and crack again, the hash is not found...

Can someone please point out what I'm missing? Code:

void m00663s (__local u32 (*s_SPtrans)[64], __local u32 (*s_skb)[64], u32 w[16], const u32 pw_len, __global pw_t *pws, __global kernel_rule_t *rules_buf, __global comb_t *combs_buf, __constant u32x * words_buf_r, __global void *tmps, __global void *hooks, __global u32 *bitmaps_buf_s1_a, __global u32 *bitmaps_buf_s1_b, __global u32 *bitmaps_buf_s1_c, __global u32 *bitmaps_buf_s1_d, __global u32 *bitmaps_buf_s2_a, __global u32 *bitmaps_buf_s2_b, __global u32 *bitmaps_buf_s2_c, __global u32 *bitmaps_buf_s2_d, __global plain_t *plains_buf, __global digest_t *digests_buf, __global u32 *hashes_shown, __global salt_t *salt_bufs, __global void *esalt_bufs, __global u32 *d_return_buf, __global u32 *d_scryptV_buf, const u32 bitmap_mask, const u32 bitmap_shift1, const u32 bitmap_shift2, const u32 salt_pos, const u32 loop_pos, const u32 loop_cnt, const u32 il_cnt, const u32 digests_cnt, const u32 digests_offset)
 const u32 gid = get_global_id (0);
 const u32 lid = get_local_id (0);
 const u32 search[4] =
 // loop
 u32 w0l = w[0];
 for (u32 il_pos = 0; il_pos < il_cnt; il_pos += VECT_SIZE)
   const u32x w0r = words_buf_r[il_pos / VECT_SIZE];
   const u32x w0 = w0l | w0r;

   u32x key[2];
   key[0] = 0xaaaaaaaa;
   key[1] = 0xaaaaaabc; // exactly the same code with key[1] = 0xaaaaaaaa works, key[1] = 0xaaaaaabc doesn't.
   u32x Kc[16];
   u32x Kd[16];
   _des_crypt_keysetup (key[0], key[1], Kc, Kd, s_skb);

   u32x in[2];
   in[0] = w0;
   in[1] = w[1];
   u32x out[2];
   _des_crypt_encrypt (out, in, Kc, Kd, s_SPtrans);

   // cmp
   u32x z = 0;
   COMPARE_S_SIMD (out[0], out[1], z, z);



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