Breaking Samsung Android Passwords/PIN
Hey everybody good day Big Grin, since I could not wait for a new version to come! Tongue. I dug myself in the android world and found that the algorithm just adds the two hashes in the "/data/system/password.key" file, like so the (SHA1 + MD5); so as in the OP bkerler is using the SHA1 part only(the 40 digit long part of the string), we could use the same command to break the password/PIN using the MD5 value to get the same value.

So we could do a:

"./cudaHashcat-plus64 -a 3 -n 80 -u 1024 -m 10 3bf54dbf16c58965f93bf164a6612c38:636bb8161c861503 ?d?d?d?d"

Using the MD5 part of the string, the 32 digits long.
To brute force it. Wink

Any feedback welcome Wink

PD: OH and I'm using my own string of the password.key file Big Grin
here it is:

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