Breaking Samsung Android Passwords/PIN
(04-12-2013, 12:02 PM)philsmd Wrote: It is the device password! If I change my pin to 8 digits there is a very slight change:
length="8" ... numeric="8" ... nonletter="8"

It seems fun, but it really isn't. For shame!!!
Anyone can confirm?

I'm try to confirm but can't do it.
I think it doesn't even make sense to attack it on GPUs. Still, long passwords or PINs can be relatively secure (and even more secure on Samsung Touch Watch Phone). Pattern lock is VERY easy to crack. I think many people underestimate password security on mobile devices and passwords like 4-digit pins may be common and that is feasible even for bruteforce attacks. Anyway I haven't tried to crack encrypted android volumes yet, so there might be specifics and more.....

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