HD6850 or GTX460 which is better for oclHashcat ?
I wonder HD6850 or GTX460 1Gb which is better for oclHashcat ?
Pick the amd card.
Not only has it more firepower, it doesnt have "innovations" that slow down the speed of hashcracking.
Radeon 6850 should also be twice faster than GTX 460.
Hi and sorry if I'm hijacking the thread. Smile

I'm thinking about getting a new or a pair of new graphic cards and I want to have OCLhashcat in mind when making the purchase.

Now, is there any specific value in the specs of a new card that I need to pay more attention to than others for the purpose of md5hasing?

Secondly is there generally a loss or gain in performance when using two cards that equals the power of one single card? or no difference?

I'm thinking about two 6870 cards, I have read some good reviews of them performing well in benchmarks game-wise.

Now I have a gtx480. Would two x 6870 outperform my gtx 480?

I dont think the answer is obvious, the price for two 6870 is just a little higher than that of a single gtx 480.

The 6870 as far as I understand is weaker than a 5870 but it's so much cheaper so I just thought I would ask for an opinion from the forum on this pretty nice card speaking performance / price.

Yes, 5870 > 6870.
2 * 6870 > gtx 480.
Good estimations here
Great info !
Here is a large list of speed estimations which have been checked and are correct:


ATI cards totally stuff nVidia ones.