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Hashtopus - distributed solution
A little update:
I just completely rewrote the chunk dispatching algorithm so it would better handle timeouted chunks.
If a chunk is assigned to an agent and it not finished (or even started), after a certain period of time it will be reassigned to a new agent.

In this case, the amount of work remaining will be stripped of this chunk and used to create a new chunk for new agent. The original chunk will be marked as completed.

If the remaining work is too large for currently served agent, only a portion of this chunk will be dispatched to this agent and another chunk will be created with the original agent. This will repeat untill the remaining work is splitted enough times to vanish. The amount of how much work can each agent be given in one dispatch is dependent on its benchmark for the task. That way, if you have chunk size configured to 300s, you are guaranteed that each agent will have exactly 300s worth of computing except for the "ending" sequence of redispatched chunk, in which case it will be smaller number than 300.

Bottomline - this new systems perfectly accurately tracks how much of work has each agent computed (I'm talking ACTUALLY computed, not just been dispatched).
oclHashcat and cudaHashcat distribution was updated.

Now the server admin can create multiple "releases" of hashcat on the server, each consisting of filename to download and file list to extract for each gpu brand and cpu type and a minimal driver version to work. Upon starting, the client detects its driver version and sends it to the server, which decides if there is newer version to download.

That way, agents with up2date drivers will download new versions of hashcat while the old ones will run the older ones suitable for their older drivers.
Is there anyone with AMD on Windows, who could check if its registry contains Catalyst_Version value in


where XXXXX is a number starting from 0000 for each GPU installed? Please tell me if the value exists and what catalyst do you have. I am trying to figure out if this is the right place to detect AMD Catalyst Version. Thanks!
I got this record in windows 7 64bit value is: 0000, 0001, 0002, Properties

This 4 are in my registry.
My drivers version is 13.1

If need anything more write here and will help.
Yes, all of them contain - Catalyst Version xx.x (14.1 for my windows machine)
Thanks for sharing.
Can please someone with beta AMD driver tell me, what value does the "Catalyst_Version" have? Does it include "b" or is it simply xx.xx as usual?
Anyone brave enough to test GPU detection for me, please run this http://hashtopus.nech.me/gpuenum.exe and post the output. It will enumerate GPU cards, then print the detected driver version.

EDIT: I am mainly interested in AMD, NVidia should be working flawlessly by now.
Tested in one of my systems:

Detected CPU platform: 64

Detected GPU:
- Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000
- AMD Radeon HD 5800 Series

Dicovered platform: AMD

Detected version: 1309
Detected CPU platform: 64
Detected GPU:
- AMD Radeon HD 6450
Dicovered platform: AMD
Detected version: 1309