Dump Scraper
(06-27-2015, 07:51 PM)coolbry95 Wrote: Dumpmon, the twitter account, has been suspended that may be why.

Yes, that's the real reason.
I'm working on a new version that will include the direct scraper of Pastebin site, thus bypassing the need of the twitter bot.
Sadly it will take some time Sad
don't worry guys, the project is not dead
actually I'm working on version 0.3.0, and there are a lot of improvements.

The biggest one is that now we won't use Dump Monitor anymore, but directly poll PasteBin for new pastes. This will lead to a easier setup process (no more Twitter stuff) and protects us from dumpmon account being suspended (which happened some time ago). The only downside is that you have to leave it running.

I can't give you a compiled version since my main PC break (waiting for the customer support to repair it), however it would be great to have some beta tester.
Any volunteers?

This is an extract of the changelog (more to come):

- Avoid errors when calculating training data score
- Added support for MySQL < 4.1 hashes
- Added support for Apache MD5 hashes
- Added support for standalone passwords in foreign language (Spanish)
- Added support for MD5 salted hashes
- Added warning when a new release is found
- Added support for dump files containing plain passwords
- Added "clean" parameter for the classify job, so you can automatically clean previous results
- Moved the features file up one level for better reading
- Added shortcut to open the current file while training the system
- Added support for SQLmap cracked passwords
- Added support for keylogger files
- Removed the need to press "Enter" while screening for training files
- Added "review" command to quickly review organized files
- Added support for "greedy": a tradoff between data retrieved and amount of false positives

the next feature I'm going implement is a logging system (so you know what's going on) and a plugin system, so you can write your own hooks.
any updates on this Smile