hashcat.launcher is available! (an alternative to hashcatGUI)
here how it works.
after you download hashcat.launcher and run it, few files and folders will be created.
the first thing you want to do is to copy hashcat to hashcat.launcher, the structure should look like similar to this:
[Image: hashat-launcher-with-hashcat.gif]

After that, copy your hashes file to hashcat/hashes directory
(optionally: copy also dictionaries, rules, etc...)
then in the GUI, there is 5 steps: Target, Attack, Advanced, Output, Finalize
in Target step: choose your Hash and it's corresponding Algorithm
in Attack step: configure your attack, for the "brute force" attack behaviour select Mask Attack
in Advanced step: you can skip this (you can use it for advanced configurations such as device selection, etc...)
in Output step: select the output file and format
in Finalize step: click on Create Task (you can also specify a priority for the created task)

Created tasks can be accessed by using the sidebar navigation.
You can view the tasks command line that they were built with by clicking on the "Arguments" button

You can also check this GIF for an overview:
[Image: preview.gif?raw=true]

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