hashcat.launcher is available! (an alternative to hashcatGUI)
New Release v1.1.0
[1.1.0] 27/12/2021
Directory watcher (to auto load new added files) (#67)
Option to save cap to hcwpax output to hashes
An alert if hashcat is not found
Moved default extra arguments to general (#66)
Aborted status color to yellow (#71)
Finished tasks can be started again
Task ID is now based on an incremental number
Unable to resume new tasks that just hit checkpont (#74)

The format conversion tool supports importing multiple files at the same time (now only one file is limited)
No, the cap to hcwpax tool only accept one file at once
I don't see the point to make it accept multiple files as at the end you will have to create a task for each file separately
unless you want to use the same attack, first merge the cap files into one file then use the tool.

to merge the cap files you can use the mergecap tool from wireshark
Hello! I'm reading the board since a long time ago. But I've registered recently because I'm interested in try this great tool.
1/ I've unzipped hashcat 6.2.5 in a folder called hashcat-6.2.5
2/ I put inside this folder hashcat.launcher.exe (v1.1.0)

I get the error hashcat not found. If I move the same executable inside the other hashcat folder the result is the same.

What I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
Just rename the hashcat folder to hashcat.

(hashcat.launcher should be alongside hashcat folder and not inside)
Thanks for reply man, but still undetected

I don't know if normal when I run the launcher make a new folder called hashcat
hashcat should be in the same folder as hashcat.launcher
Thanks for the helps, I give up. I can't launch it in windows 10. All together in the same place but it hasn't detected anyway after launch the app. Regards.
you last screenshot showed that hashcat.launcher was inside hashcat and that's not the correct setup
hashcat.launcher should be in the same folder as hashcat folder, but not inside it
Hi s77rt I commend you on building this launcher.
As a newbie though I am struggling with how to use it.

Where and how do I specify the txt file I want to attack?

I appreciate that this is a GUI to replace the need for cmd line scripts. However, it would be handy if you displayed the line script say at the top as your GUI is building it.

Also note that the brute force attack is missing under attacks.  Any reason why?

Thank you