hashcat.launcher is available! (an alternative to hashcatGUI)
I miss the option to upload "bigger" file dumps. For example first 512 byte of veracrypt full disk encryptions. I only found the options to paste a "simple" hash string at the beginning.
I think this is not directly related to hashcat.launcher.
hashcat.launcher will offer to you whatever hashcat offers.
@s77rt hashcat supports veracrypt cracking with those 512 byte dumps. So the terminal command would looks like
hashcat -a 0 -m 13721 veracrypt_dump.hash wordlist.txt
Sure thing, there is a option to get the same hash mode in hashcat.launcher. Buuuuuuut like i said, i can only put hash strings in hashcat launcher, there is no option to get a file (no matter which size) into it - which is necessary to crack veracrypt related content.
matt99 Wrote:i can only put hash strings in hashcat launcher
You can't. You are actually supposed to put the file name in the hash input, not the hash itself.

[Image: Screenshot-from-2022-07-21-12-23-50.png]

hash files must be inside: /hashcat/hashes/

Quote:Hashes: /hashcat/hashes
Dictionaries: /hashcat/dictionaries
Rules: /hashcat/rules
Masks: /hashcat/masks
ooooooh, thanks.