hashcat v6.2.0
What's need to be installed to support HIP? I'm getting this (under Windows 10):

hashcat (v6.2.4) starting

Unsupported AMD HIP runtime version '0.0.3224' detected! Falling back to OpenCL...

OpenCL API (OpenCL 2.1 AMD-APP (3224.5)) - Platform #1 [Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.]
* Device #1: AMD Radeon (TM) R9 200 Series, 1920/2048 MB (1523 MB allocatable), 20MCU

Also HCCAPX which was working fine with 6.1.1 isn't working anymore:

Hashfile 'example22000.hccapx' on line 1 (HCPX♦): Separator unmatched
Hashfile 'example22000.hccapx' on line 2 (ATTApDyXXX): Separator unmatched
Hashfile 'example22000.hccapx' on line 3 (): Separator unmatched
No hashes loaded.

Can I attach file?

The old hash modes are deprecated and replaced by hash mode 22000. The new hash format is not longer binary (hccapx) and you don't need to take care whether the hash value is a PMKID or an EAPOL MESSAGE PAIR, any longer.

The new hash mode is explained here:
That include examples.

You can use hashcat online converter to get the hash values, hashcat can work on, from your pcapng/pcap/cap dump file here: